About Us

Windmill Farms Nurseries, Inc. has a long and colorful history of Agriculture within Central Florida. From cattle to row crops and then citrus, it has been a journey! In the early years (1970’s) we grew and packaged bare root citrus liners for the tourist trade. That moved us into the wholesale propagation of woody ornamental liners for other Nursery growers. In 1995 we began consuming all of the liner production for our own finished container crops. Containerized Plants became our vision which included our values of quality products, reliable service, new selections and timely delivery.

Over the past fourteen years and counting, Windmill Farms Nurseries, Inc. has focused solely on the nursery industry. Today we grow over 5 million plants annually. The nursery has expanded to over 100 acres. We direct-ship on our own trucks throughout the Southeastern United States. Our selection of unique varieties is always expanding to meet our Customers needs.

Windmill Farms Nurseries, Inc. has been successful by the Grace of God, the hard work and dedication of our great employees, but ultimately from the loyalty of our wonderful customers. So allow me to personally say, Thank you€, on behalf of Windmill Farms Nurseries, Inc. We appreciate the opportunities bestowed upon us and look forward to working with each of you.

Eric C. Cord
Windmill Farms Nurseries, Inc.